Day 1- Thursday
  1. Self-evaluation
  2. Choices that led them to prison
  3. New ways to resolve conflicts
  4. Respecting Others
  5. Hearing God's Call
  6. Building Walls
Day 2 - Friday
  1. Forgiveness
  2. Prodigal Son
  3. Prayer
  4. Burned by the Church
  5. Is it a sin to be angry with God?

In the morning they receive a piece of dissolving paper.  They are encouraged to write down names of people they need to forgive and those that need to forgive this inmate.
Day 3 - Saturday

This day is all about reentering the free world with Jesus.
  1. Single Life
  2. Married Life
  3. Positive Parenting
  4. Managing Your Money

The final talk is given by a successfully living ex-felon who shares his/her experiences living in the free world.
During the retreat, participants are encouraged to volunteer to pray over meals and to read 12 appropriately themed devotions.  There is also an opportunity to speak at an Open Mic.