What is the problem?
     Thousands of prison inmates are released each year throughout America.  Most people think these men and women are changed by programs within the prison walls.  The sad truth is that too many of them will return to prison within a short time after release.  For a small number of them, Xodus Prison Ministry tries to provide them with a relationship with Jesus and some tools to help them develop better relationships with family, work employees, and others they encounter in their new environment.
What is the possible solution?

     Twice each year, a team of co-ed Christian team members brings the good news of Jesus' forgiveness, hope, and peace to a state prison during a 3 day retreat for inmates who will exit prison within the next year.

     The goal of Xodus Prison Ministry is to provide  these men or women with relationship building talks that will help them reestablish a positive Christian relationship with their spouses, parents, children, and extended family members. 
     A major component to a positive relationship is forgiveness.  Jesus paid the price for forgiveness that many inmates have never heard about.  They go through life with the heavy burden of unforgiveness.

     Another component to successfully stay out of prison is to find a church that welcomes ex-offenders.  Maintaining that relationship with Jesus will provide the support they need from fellow Christians.

About Us

Our History
     In 2012, following a Kairos Prison Ministry retreat, the warden called in the leadership of that weekend.  She told the group how happy she was with the retreat.  She pointed out that the event favored men with lots of time left on their sentences.
     She asked if that leadership could design a program for men with only a short time left on their sentences.    
     She left this question, "Don't you want them to know Jesus before they are released?"
     In October of that year, Xodus #1 was held at that institute.

Statistics for Xodus #1 to #6 by  August, 2018
  1. 178 inmates participated
  2. 155 remained clean and free
  3. 23 men returned to prison
Our success rate at
this time after 3 years is
87 % are still free.
My Xodus
     Being a born again believer, I kind of had an idea what to expect when I attended Xodus.   Praising God, testimonies, preachings, and cookies would be there.  Plus ideas and information on how to obtain help once I was released.  I would fill myself with all of them.
     But what struck me most was the volunteers.  They genuinely wanted to help us stay out of prison and were willing to give us the shirts off their backs if they could.
     And that's when I knew I had to find a way to give back to the community once I got out.
     Having the light of Yahweh within me, I can't to back to hiding it under a basket.  I have to let it shine.
     So now that goal has become part of my plan for staying out of prison.
     I don't know yet how God will use me, but I know that He will, and I have the Xodus volunteers to thank for showing me that.

   I recently attended Xodus #10 at Lake Correctional.  I'm completing a ten -year   sentence and heard about this weekend  retreat. I want to be the best man I can    for my family and the best Dad for my     daughter.                                                       
    The retreat started and one of the first talks was about the wall.  We build walls   in our lives.  Sometimes intentionally to     protect ourselves and other times a           situation grows over time.  The talk was given and I began to look at my life.                When I showed up the second day they informed us of the forgiveness        ceremony.                                                   
    Since I came to prison a brother of mine has not spoke to me.  It hurt me      and that turned into disappointment.       Finally,I decided I just wouldn't speak to   him when I get home.  And I just built       another wall.  That wall grew larger than I realized and God  brought it to my            attention during the talk about the wall.        Well I wrote my brother's name on the rice paper.    During this forgiveness          ceremony, I placed that paper into a bowl of water and asked God to restore my       salvation unto me.                                      
   As I stood and walked away, this burden lifted from my life.  Until then, I didn't realize the effect it was having on me.                                                                
    I came back to my dorm and called my mom to tell her.   She exclaimed,   "Praise the Lord!!"    I've been praying for this situation.  I guess others could see the thing I couldn't.  But God reached me at Xodus.                                                         
Thank you for your ministry,
My Xodus

     On June 4th, 2015, I had a divine appointment with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I'm 29 years old and on the verge of being released back into society.  On this day, the first day of the Xodus Retreat, I was not going  to go due to the commitment to another progrm  I was in at this institution.
     However our Lord had seen it was necessary for me to attend and I needed to make this appointment.
     I came to our chapel so unsure and not knowing what to expect.  When I walked in, I received my ID and sat alone from aside the other family tables.
     I was nervous to say the least.  The food was great, the testimonies were heartfelt, and the messages held true to my heart as I could see the Holy Spirit speaking and working through their lives.
     Then I thought of my life and where I've been, where I'm at, and the choices I've made thus far and my desire for our Lord to lead me and guide me the rest of my life.
     I never allowed the Lord in my life. not until, June 5th.  I spoke of my life with a volunteer pastor and prayed with him, calling upon the Lord to be alive in my heart and my life. 
     After this I went back into the chapel and felt completely awestruck as if the heaviest burdens had been lifted off my shoulders. 
     I had a vision as the pastor was speaking and it was Jesus calling me and I'd heard His voice but I didn't recognize the voice.  I knew that I needed to strengthen my relationship with Jesus so I can know Him just as He knows me. 
     I truly am thankful for the experiences of this Xodus event and I would encourage all, to open their eyes, their ears, their hearts, minds and souls to the Holy Spirit to work through them as He has done and continues to do for me.

My Xodus

     After spending over four years in the Department of Corrections prisons, I was overwhelmed with Christ like love shown by the wonderful Xodus team.  It all began the moment we entered the chapel where they greated us with a warm hug.  Then they placed a name tag on our shirts to identify who we are as "people".
     Their open door policy to talk or pray throughout the event allowed us to become comfortable enough to laugh, talk, and praise God on one accord.
     I must add the endless cookies and coffee along with outside meals did help the window of my heart to open.
     However, the unconditional love notes written by people that wasn't present knocked down the thick walls of prison which reached my soul.
     In closing, I truly believe God himself organized this group of people to let us men know that Hell does have an exit and Jesus Christ is the way.  Amen.


  Tom's Xodus Experiece

   My name is Tom C., and by no means have I lived the life of a saint.  Over a period of 33 years, I have accumulated in excess of 40 felony convictions and have served more than 25 years in jails and prisons.  If I were to be judged by my record alone, the titles worthless, loser, and hopeless come to mind.
     This past weekend, I was invited to a retreat held in the prison chapel.  It was hosted by a group of good men and women from the "Xodus" ministry.  So I say to myself, yes, "What do I have to lose?"  Well let me tell you something , had I not attended, I'd have missed out on a life changing opportunity,
     Never have I been in the presence of a more generous, considerate, intellent group of men and women, filled with so much love they feel an overwhelming need to share it. 
     Now as the weekend progressed, and I grew more comfortable with the hosts and fellow participants I found myself longing for more time, I didn't want these people to leave.  I wanted to continue feeling the positive energy and love in that room. 
     Just when I thought it was over, I was invited to receive the gift of Christ.  I dropped to my knees bowed my head, and was completely blown away.  I'm getting choked up as I write this.  You see, all weekend long, I was told by these people that God wanted me back.  Well, on the third day, while on my knees with my head bowed, He sent His Son, Jesus, to get me. 
     Now here's the Kicker, I left that room with so much positive energy and love in me, I feel an overwhelmig need to give it away.  Just in smaller doses for now, : )
     Now I find myself 7 months from being released.  I obviously can't change what I've done in the past, but I feel confident, with Jesus by my side, those same poor choices hold no place in my future.

God bless you all,
Tom C.